Airport Greeters

One of your primary roles as an airport greeter will be to greet voting members and other guests to the assembly. “Good morning, welcome to Milwaukee.” You will be one of the first persons to greet people to the city. Guests’ impressions of Milwaukee will occur within the first hour of arrival. Help them to love your city as much as you do!

Also, you will be assisting in helping people get to where they need to go. Help direct people to the transportation buses that will take them to their hotel. Assist persons with their luggage, if needed. Familiarize yourself with the terminals and baggage claim lobby. Know where to find the restrooms, elevators, and other important airport services. Familiarize yourself with other basic information about Milwaukee, including interesting fun facts.

Be prepared to answer additional questions as you are able. If there is a question for which you do not know the answer, direct people to the Assembly Registration Desk at the Convention Center.

Date: Sunday, August 4 and Monday, August 5, 2019
Total Number of Volunteers Needed:  36
Requirements: light physical activity, friendly, welcoming presence
Time: see registration form for detailed times